Fortis Remote Technology is the trading name of Fortis Mechanical Design Limited and delivers remote technology solutions to the subsea, nuclear and other demanding industries.


Fortis Remote Technology offer specialist design, specification, manufacture, assembly and operation of remote technology solutions in a range of technically challenging environments.

Working closely with our commercial partners we specialise in the development of technology solutions where access by humans is difficult or dangerous such as the subsea and nuclear environments. We are specialists in remote surveying using sonar, video and laser devices, 3D mapping and computer modelling. We design, manufacture and commission remotely and semi remotely operated dismantling machines and have a wealth of experience in the subsea and nuclear decommissioning industries.

Powered by a genuine enthusiasm for engineering design and using the latest design and analysis software tools, we offer affordable customer focused solutions to a range of industries.

Contact us if you have a project where remote technology may be required and we will work with you to find the right solution.